Deepak P – 8 Years Experience on Guitar (Western Classical)

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Maestro Deepak P – Brief Bio
Maestro Deepak P is a Classical Guitarist from India, who is very passionate about Western Classical music. He initially started learning in Chennai, India under Mrs. Ahlauyu SV Naiud and then moved to Bangalore to study under Mr.Poireinganba Thangjam. There he completed his grades from the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM). He participated in the Calcutta International classical guitar festival and competition and won the first prize in the open category.
He was awarded a full scholarship to attend the Cordoba Guitar festival in Spain and learn from the great masters like Leo Brouwer, Manuel Barrueco, David Rusell, Margarita Escarpa, Ricardo Gallen to name a few. He is also the brand ambassador for Alhambra Guitars from Spain. Maestro Deepak P is a passionate Western Classical Guitarist, he loves teaching the Guitar to students of all ages and wishes to help many Guitar lovers to accomplish their dream to become an excellent Classical Guitarist. Maestro Deepak P offers one-on-one live online lessons for beginners and intermediate level students on Guitar in Western Classical Music (Not Acoustic or Electric Guitar). He teaches grades 1 to 8 in Guitar for ABRSM and Trinity College syllabus. Learners of age 8 and above are welcome to have lessons with Maestro Deepak. To watch a video Click Here


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Guitar Lesson for Beginner & Intermediate Level on Western Classical music – 45 Minutes

  • Maestro Deepak P will provide lessons for beginners and intermediate level students on Guitar in Western Classical Music. He teaches grades 1 to 8 in Guitar for ABRSM and Trinity College syllabus.
  • Learners of age 8 and above are welcome to have lessons with Maestro Deepak.
  • Maestro Deepak follows the European Classical method (Staff Notations) for Classical Guitar lessons. He will guide the learner/parents with the information about the necessary book(s) in the first class, which the learner needs to get for the Guitar lessons. This applies especially to beginners. 
  • Students of all ages are welcome. However, for younger students, it is important that they are good at communication and have parental guidance during the lessons.
  • Students may book one lesson at a time, but it is advised to book lessons for 4 weeks from the ‘Booking Calendar’ in order to have regular lessons with Mr. Deepak P every week, which is very important for steady improvement. Please note, Students are required to book at least 4 lessons per month.

Domestic Payments – For Learners with valid Indian Billing Address and Indian Bank Account/Card Holder: The Fees will be on INR, plus GST per lesson/slot for each learner. We use Razorpay Payment Gateway.

International Payments – For Learners with Foreign (Non-Indian) Billing Address and Foreign Bank Account/ Card Holder: At present, we don’t have an International Payment System integrated at the website, and the learners will require to have an Indian Billing Address and Indian Bank Account/Card in order to book the lessons at In case, you don’t have that, please email us at 



How Does The Lesson Booking Process Works

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Step 1: Visit our site and read all the details, we believe it is important for you to know all about us and our service before you book the lessons.
Step 2: Choose the subject (instrument/voice) you want to learn, and click on it. Or simply click on the Book Lesson page from the menu bar, or click on the Find Maestro button to access the lessons and masters.
Step 3: Browse the Maestro(s) offered on the page, check all the details – the lesson description, their brief bio, etc. Once you make up your mind, choose the available slot from the Booking Callender, you can choose more than one slot by adding them in the cart (basket) one after one. Once you are done, click on View Basket and follow up on the payment procedure as you do on any online booking platform. 
Step 4: Please read the Terms & Conditions before making the payment.
Step 5: While filling up your name, email, and address, etc. details, please mention your Skype ID in the additional information section. It will be helpful for us to share the ID with the master without asking you or calling for the same.
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Please note:
📣 At present, for booking lessons, students/parents will require to have an Indian billing address, phone number, and Indian bank account/card.
📣 Any cancellation within 24 hours before the lesson/slot time will be counted as a paid lesson.
📣 You are requested to communicate with the respective teacher at least 24 hours before and share your Skype/Google ID with him/her.
📣 In 2021, we were supposed to increase the fee for all our lessons/subjects, but we retained the old fee at as a goodwill gesture.
📣 The fees for the lessons (slots) would be revised from 1st April 2022. Please visit the Terms & Conditions page for more details.
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Additional information

Guitar Beginner & Intermediate Level

Any book(s) that suggested by Maestro Deepak P

Grade Examination Syllabus – 1 to 8

Instrument, Book. Equipment

Students must have their own musical instrument and books. It is advised to have good quality WebCam and Mic other than the ones built-in with the Laptop/Desktop for the better learning experience.

Live & Online Lesson Platform

Maestro Deepak P is familiar with Google Duo and Skype. The ID will be provided to you at your booking email address after you book the slot(s).

Lesson Duration

The Lesson duration is for 45 Minutes

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  1. Jayalakshmi

    My son is learning with him for 3 years now, and he is an excellent teacher. Very patient and regular. He knows each child by their strengths in music and chooses what they can excel in and guides, facilitates and teaches children with dedication. I will recommend Deepak Sir for children who are keen to learn Western Classical Guitar

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