V Ponmathi (MFA in Music) – Online Carnatic Vocal Teacher from India


Ms. V Ponmathi MFA (Music) – Brief Bio

Ms. Ponmathi has completed MFA in Music and has around 5 years of experience in the teaching field. Ms. Ponmathi offers online one-on-one lessons for beginners to advanced level students on Carnatic Classical Vocal (singing) and Veena. As a versatile individual, she has had the opportunity to hold the professional role of Music Teacher over the years. She feels fortunate to train a diverse group of elementary and middle school students, who functioned within – and on grade level. Ms. Ponmathi’s goal is to impart the knowledge of Indian Classical music appreciation, while at the same time teaching students about the technical aspects of Carnatic Vocal / Veena. She is also a music therapist for specially-abled learners.

Ms. Ponmathi is offering her lesson-slots within the schedule from 7 pm to 7 am Indian Standard Time (IST), please find the available slots below in the lesson-booking calender.

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Online Carnatic Vocal / Veena Lessons For Beginner to Advanced Level – 45 Minutes


  • Ms. Ponmathi offers online one-on-one lessons for beginners and advanced level students on Carnatic Classical Singing (Voice Training) and Veena. She teaches Carnatic Vocal and Veena to beginners and kids as well.
  • Please note, that one slot is for one particular subject, hence, the learner can either learn Carnatic Vocal or Veena in one particular slot. If anyone wants to learn both, need to book separate slots for the separate lessons.
  • Students of all ages are welcome. However, for younger students, it is important that they are good at communication and have parental guidance during the lessons.
  • Students may book one lesson at a time, but it is advised to book lessons for 4 weeks from the ‘Booking Calendar’ in order to have regular lessons with Mrs. Ponmathi every week, which is very important for steady improvement. Please note, Students are required to book at least 4 lessons per month.

Teaching Details:

• Create easy and effective musical notes for students for quick grasping.
• Guide the students under self-designed and tested one-to-one online lesson methods.
• Analyze students’ limitations in music and work around them to provide them with as much benefit from different genres as possible.
• Evaluate students’ social and academic growth and prepare curriculum summaries.
• Rehearse with students before major social events and prepare them for the music competitions.
• Provide basic lessons on playing instruments and voice concepts.
• Guide students on techniques of playing instruments and gaining control over pitch.
• Use several types of resources belonging to different music genres from my collection and archive for effective reference.
• Plan and organize daily classes by preparing calendars for music programs.
• Teach music history, Carnatic classical theory, and concepts with specific physical examples.
• Will monitor and support the overall progress and development of students and to facilitate and encourage a positive learning experience.

Domestic Payments – For Learners with valid Indian Billing Address and Indian Bank Account/Card Holder: The Fees will be on INR, plus GST per lesson/slot for each learner. We use Razorpay Payment Gateway.

International Payments – For Learners with Foreign (Non-Indian) Billing Address and Foreign Bank Account/ Card Holder: At present, we don’t have an International Payment System integrated at the www.musiclesson.in website, and the learners will require to have an Indian Billing Address and Indian Bank Account/Card in order to book the lessons at www.musiclesson.in. In case, you don’t have that, please email us at musiclessonbooking@gmail.com 



How Does The Lesson Booking Process Works

MusicLesson.In is a live e-learning platform, which provides one-on-one music lessons to learners. Here is the step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Visit our site and read all the details, we believe it is important for you to know all about us and our service before you book the lessons.
Step 2: Choose the subject (instrument/voice) you want to learn, and click on it. Or simply click on the Book Lesson page from the menu bar, or click on the Find Maestro button to access the lessons and masters.
Step 3: Browse the Maestro(s) offered on the page, check all the details – the lesson description, their brief bio, etc. Once you make up your mind, choose the available slot from the Booking Callender, you can choose more than one slot by adding them in the cart (basket) one after one. Once you are done, click on View Basket and follow up on the payment procedure as you do on any online booking platform. 
Step 4: Please read the Terms & Conditions before making the payment.
Step 5: While filling up your name, email, and address, etc. details, please mention your Skype ID in the additional information section. It will be helpful for us to share the ID with the master without asking you or calling for the same.
That’s it, your job is done. Once we receive the payment notification from our payment gateway partner, we will mail you the Skype ID of the master to your email address which you have given to us while filling up the name, billing address details while making the payment. It is very important for you to provide an active email address along with an active mobile phone number, so we can communicate with you if needed. We wish you a very happy and meaningful Music Learning experience. If you have any doubt, please mail us at musiclessonbooking@gmail.com
Please note:
📣 At present, for booking lessons, students/parents will require to have an Indian billing address, phone number, and Indian bank account/card.
📣 Any cancellation within 24 hours before the lesson/slot time will be counted as a paid lesson.
📣 You are requested to communicate with the respective teacher at least 24 hours before and share your Skype/Google ID with him/her.
📣 In 2021, we were supposed to increase the fee for all our lessons/subjects, but we retained the old fee at www.musiclesson.in as a goodwill gesture.
📣 The fees for the lessons (slots) would be revised from 1st April 2022. Please visit the Terms & Conditions page for more details.
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Additional information

Instrument, Book. Equipment

Students must have their own musical instrument and books. It is advised to have good quality WebCam and Mike other than the ones built in with the Laptop/Desktop for better learning experience.

Live & Online Lesson Platform

Maestra Achumi is familiar with Zoom. The ID will be provided to you at your booking email address after you book the slot(s).

Lesson Duration

The Lesson duration is for 45 Minutes


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